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Bankruptcy is a delicate process that requires careful consideration of your financial circumstances. Looking for the right attorney to handle this process can be frustrating. To help you choose the right lawyer for your needs, learn more about what you need in a bankruptcy lawyer:

You Need a Lawyer Who Understands Numbers

Our senior lawyer spent over fifteen years as a Certified Public Accountant  with a national CPA firm and in private industry as a Chief Financial Officer and corporate controller.  Using our firm means you have the unique advantage of a lawyer who understands both the law and the financial numbers.

You Need a Lawyer Who Focuses on Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy law is highly specialized. You need a bankruptcy lawyer is someone who dedicates his or her time to understanding debt planning for individuals rather than an attorney who merely practices bankruptcy law on the side.
At the Denver law offices of DebtBusters, P.C., bankruptcy is our principal focus. We stay current with bankruptcy laws and understand how these laws apply to our clients' unique situations. We use our knowledge and experience in this area to help people and businesses work out a debt reduction solution that fits their circumstances. Contact us to learn more in a free consultation.

You Need a Lawyer With Litigation Experience

Filing bankruptcy stops creditor harassment and embarrassing debt collection phone calls. However, creditors can still contest bankruptcy and take you to court. If you hire a lawyer without litigation experience, you run the risk of losing your full protection and bankruptcy relief.  Edward Levy has assisted many clients through bankruptcy litigation. As a former CPA, he understands the creditors' needs. He uses this insight to effectively negotiate with creditors and work out a solution that satisfies both parties.

You Need a Lawyer Who Will Handle Your Case Personally

Too often, lawyers will delegate bankruptcy cases almost completely to legal assistants or paralegals.  Properly supervised, assistants may help reduce costs.  However, at DebtBusters, P.C., your bankruptcy is handled personally by an experienced bankruptcy attorney. You get quality legal advice from someone who has a thorough understanding of the bankruptcy process.



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“Bankruptcy is a very complex and difficult process. This Court strongly recommends that individuals use an attorney to handle their bankruptcy case. Retaining an attorney will significantly improve your prospect of a successful bankruptcy case.” -United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Colorado