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Bankruptcy and Non-Bankruptcy Alternatives

At the Denver, Colorado, offices of DebtBusters, P.C., we help individuals explore bankruptcy options.


Attorney Edward Levy spent fifteen years as a CPA, before he opened up his own law firm to better help people through the bankruptcy system. We won't just set you on a predetermined track. We will explain your options to you and develop a  strategy that is tailored specifically to your needs.


You can always contact us for answers to your questions regarding:


Whether There is a Need to Claim Bankruptcy


Types of Bankruptcy for Individuals and Couples

  • Foreclosure Defense: Bankruptcy can stop foreclosure. We also provide mortgage help to restructure loans so you can pay your mortgage and keep your house.


Small Business Owners

  • Your personal and business finances are closely linked.  Choose an attorney who understands how a small business works and the impact upon the owner.  We help you decide whether to file for yourself, your business or both.


How to File Bankruptcy

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