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 Colorado Bankruptcy Law Process and Procedure

DebtBusters, P.C., we can help you understand the process of bankruptcy and the steps you can take to finally get the debt relief you deserve. With our help you can go the process quickly and efficiently.


An experienced bankruptcy lawyer can guide you through the entire bankruptcy process with a strategy tailored to your needs.  We can do everything for you so you can stop foreclosure, end harassing calls and get peace of mind.

Major steps in the bankruptcy process:

  •  Initial consultation: At our offices, not only will you meet with a real attorney at your initial consultation, it is free.
  •   Lawyer Up:  As soon as you become one of our valued clients, we will begin accepting calls from your creditors and providing valuable advice for your financial future.
  •  Decide the right strategy: We will analyze your situation in order to determine which type of bankruptcy is best for you.
  •  Petition: A bankruptcy attorney will help you prepare your petition accurately and efficiently.
  •  Final Review: Before we file your petition, we will review it with you, so you are clear on all the information, protections, and disclosures.
  •  File petition: We will professionally prepare your petition and file it in accordance with the highest bankruptcy law standards.
  •   Section 341 Meeting: We will assist you at a meeting of creditors, and represent your best interests there.
  •  Reaffirmation agreements: We will help you decide if a reaffirmation agreement is in your best interests and, if necessary, assist you in negotiating one with your creditor.
  •  Trustee requests: It is important that you respond to all trustee requests, and we can help make sure your rights are protected.
  •  Discharge: We help you get a Chapter 7 discharge - your protection.
  •   In a Chapter 13: We will represent you at a confirmation hearing and assist you with necessary modifications to your plan.
  •   Confirmation: We help in getting your Chapter 13 plan confirmed by the Court.

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